F.C. Zimbru Chişinău

Former Club Names:

1947-1950         S.K. Dinamo Chişinău

1950-1958         S.K. Burevestnik Chişinău

1958-1966         S.K. Moldova Chişinău

1966-1967         S.K. Avintul Chişinău

1967-1971          S.K. Moldova Chişinău

1971-1991           S.K. Nistru Chişinău

1991-1993          S.K. Zimbru Chişinău

Since 1993        F.C. Zimbru Chişinău


Divizia Naţională:           1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000

Cup:                                   1997, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2007

F.C. Zimbru Chişinău is the most known and still most successful club in Moldova. The club was founded in 1947 under the name of Dinamo Chişinău. They joined the top level of the Soviet championship several times. Beside of some years in the second league, the club played as Nistru Chişinău from 1986 on two years in the third level of the USSR. As the Moldovan Divizia Naţională was established in 1992, the club was renamed as F.C. Zimbru. Since that time the club with the colours yellow-green is the dominating club in the league. They won eight championship titles and four cup titles (the first championship title in 1992 was given to Zimbru after F.C. Tiligul refused to participate in a playoff). Merely the big rival F.C. Sheriff from Tiraspol tries to catch up Zimbru during the last years. The club name comes from the Romanian word for “Bison” (American animal species which are known in Europe as a Bison). Finally, since 2006 Zimbru has found its own base - in May 2006 the new Stadionul Zimbru was inaugurated in the capital. It substitutes the previous home(s) in both old national stadium and the Baza Zimbru. However, the stadium has been not necessarily built because Zimbru guarantees a capacity utilization every match day. On the contrary, the spectator's average is not much higher than the average of the other clubs. Nevertheless – still enough for the other stadiums. But Zimbru became a modern club in that time. Tickets for home matches are not such expensive and besides a football museum many souvenirs of the club are available. But also the national team of Moldova needed a new home. On account of the ailing national stadiums in Chişinău and Speia (where many matches were played), the team played some matches in the new stadium in Tiraspol – but that´s in a political view not their own home. The owner of the club is Nicolae Ciornîi, ex oil-minister of Moldova and vice president of Lukoil. But officially, the business is run now by Andrei Cecetov, the husband of his daughter.

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Stadionul Zimbru

Fotbal Club Zimbru Chişinău

Strada Butucului, nr. 1

2062 Chişinău-Botanica, Municipiul Chişinău

+373 (22) 77 24 00

+373 (22) 771 553



19 January 1947



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The rectangular stadium holds 10,500 spectators, is equipped with seats in the club colours and has a 1,600 lux lightning system. The flood lights come from the South German Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH and was constructed on four masts which protrude through the Perspex roof of the stadium. The construction of the ground cost about 11 million Euro when it was built in the southern district of Botanică. Next to the stadium you can find the training pitch Baza Zimbru, the artificial grass stadium and their club offices. The complex also contains a 3-star hotel with a good view onto the Baza Zimbru pitch.

Stadionul Zimbru

Bulevardul Dacia

2060 Chişinău-Botanica, Municipiul Chişinău

10.500 (10.500)

1.600 Lux


46°58'48.18"N 28°52'5.82"E

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