F.C. Olimp Ungheni

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2000-2002         F.C.M. Ungheni                        --> old logo

2002                    F.C. Spartac Ungheni

2002-2008         F.C. Moldova- 03 Ungheni      --> old logo


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The club was found in 2000 by the local authorities. In 2002 businessman Ghenadie Mitriuc overtook the club and renamed it F.C. Spartac Ungheni. The authorities didnīt accept this and took the club back to rename it F.C. Moldova-03 Ungheni. The club was promoted from Divizia B to Divizia A in 2005. In 2007 it seemed that the existance of the club was not sure anymore. The main financer, the city hall of Ungheni, announced to not pay for the club anymore. Vice Mayor Ghenadie Mitriuc took the club under his control and renamed it in summer 2008 to F.C. Olimp Ungheni. Some years ago, there was a club called F.C. Atilla using the stadium. They were found 1954 as Lokomotive Ungheni and renamed 1991 in F.C. Atilla. That club played in 1997 also in the first league, dissolved later.  

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Stadionul Orăşenesc

Fotbal Club Moldova-03 Ungheni

Strada M. Balcesu, nr. 9

3600 Ungheni, Raionul Ungheni

+373 (236) 221 06

+373 (236) 221 06






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Ungheni is a town at the western border of Moldova. The town is well known as this is the main border when you enter the country by train from Romania. Ungheni has a small stadium with some bleachers on the one side of the pitch. Itīs used by the club F.C. Olimp Ungheni who plays in Divizia A.


Stadionul Orăşenesc

Strada M. Balcesu, nr. 9

3600 Ungheni, Raionul Ungheni

4.500 (-)



47°12'46.51"N 27°48'0.07"E

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