F.C. Scīnteia Stăuceni

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F.C. Scīnteia Stăuceni is a club from Stăuceni, just some kilometres north of the capital Chişinău. The club played from 2005/2006 till 2006/2007 in Divizia B Nord but finishing the league with only 9 points and 16:44 goals.

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Stadionul Stăuceni

Fotbal Club Scīnteia Stăuceni


2050 Stăuceni, Municipiul Chişinău


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Take the bus nr. 2 in the direction of Cricova from Gara Central in Chişinău and step out at the big main road at the bus stop Stăuceni. Walk down the main street that leads into the village. Turn right at the end of Strada Pacii and find the stadium behind an old fabric building. The local minibus from Chişinău Nr. 190 starts at Telecentru, passes Strada Ismail and goes to the Gara Stăuceni. Beside the local team of F.C. Scīnteia Stăuceni, F.C. Dacia Chişinău uses this pitch for their training. The nowadays homeless club plans to move to Stăuceni to build a new training pitch and renovates the stadium. According to a funny saying in Moldovas world of football, the team bus is the current home of Dacia Chişinău.

Stadionul Stăuceni

Strada Grătieşti 

2050 Stăuceni, Municipiul Chişinău

2.500 (-)

not in use 


47° 5'16.07"N 28°52'11.64"E

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