F.C. Viitorul Orhei

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Fotbal Club Viitorul Orhei

Strada Vasile Lupu, nr. 166

3501 Orhei, Raionul Orhei

+373 (235) 239 71

+373 (235) 320 37





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2005-2007        F.C. Viitorul Step-Soci     --> old logo




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F.C.Viitorul Orhei ordinarily uses the ground, however, as the army club of C.S.C.A-Steaua Chişinău in 2007 gets promotion to the first level, the responsible persons used the possibility to move the team from the capital to the 45 kilometers far town Orhei. But after only one year, C.S.C.A. went back to Chişinău.

The older club from Orhei was named F.C. Orhei. The club was found 1992 under the name of F.C. Răut Orhei. Before the season 2000/2001 the club dropped the name Răut (name of a river). The club was banned from the season 2005/2006 after the first match day and was replaced by F.C. Glodeni. Orhei finished the season in Divizia B Nord. At the same time F.C. Viitorul Step-Soci was founded in the nearby village Step-Soci. The club played two seasons in Divizia B Nord and was renamed F.C. Viitorul Orhei after gaining promotion to Divizia A in summer 2007.

A minibus from Chişinău to Orhei costs 16 Lei (about 1 EUR). From the main street you can already see the floodlight masts of the stadium which hides behind some dwelling houses. After in 1980 the Olympic torchbearers stopped in Orhei, the next big sports event should have taken place in August 2007 with the UEFA Women's Cup. The UEFA put 22 million Lei in the construction of the new stand and the building tract. In 2005 they started to demolish the old wooden stand which was build in 1948 (and not being repaired since then) to make place for a new concrete construction. The stadium was built from the contruction company "Glorinal". Since the opening ceremony on the 22nd of May 2007 the sports complex is beside Zimbru and Sheriff stadium the most modern in the country.

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Complexul Sportiv Raional

Complexul Sportiv Raional

Strada Vasile Lupu, nr. 166

3501 Orhei, Raionul Orhei

2.539 (2.539)



4722'27.59"N 2849'9.33"E

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