C.F. Intersport-Aroma Cobusca Nouă

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C.F. Intersport-Aroma Cobusca Nouă plays in Divizia A since 2004/2005.

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Stadionul Cobusca Nouă

Clubul de Fotbal Intersport-Aroma Cobusca Nouă

Strada Tineretului, nr. 10

Cobusca Nouă, Raionul Anenii Noi

+373 (265) 732 36

+373 (265) 732 36

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The small vilage of Cobusca Nouă is only a few kilometres far from the main road R2 that leads from Chişinău to Bender. There are regulay minibusses from Chişinău to Cobusca Vechi that go via Anenii Noi and stop at the sandy roads in Cobusca Nouă. YouŽll easily find the stadium as it is situated in a valley that could be seen from the main road. The ground has a stand with a building in the middle that is used for changing rooms. Take a look on the last Minibusses that leave Cobusca Nouă after a match visit. If there is no connection with the capital, the main route R2 and the bus stop in Anenii Noi are just 5 kilometres away. The last bus from Tiraspol to Chişinău  starts in Transnistria at 20:30 and can be stopped at the main road.

Stadionul Cobusca Nouă

Strada Tineretului 10

Cobusca Nouă, Raionul Anenii Noi

1.250 (-)



46°55'36.84"N 29°12'42.06"E

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