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Baza Zimbru artificial

The third stadium on the home base of F.C. Zimbru Chişinău is the artificial grass pitch behind the main stand of the Zimbru stadium. Itīs called Baza Zimbru artificial. There is a steel construction with 7 rows of seats and and a smaller steel construction with 4 rows of seats at the opposite of the pitch. The ground is used by the farm team of Zimbru and all their youth teams. 

Baza Zimbru artificial

Strada Butucului, nr. 1

2062 Chişinău-Botanica, Municipiul Chişinău

2.142 (2.142)

6 * 4 


46°58'54.12"N 28°52'7.15"E

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Capacity (Seats):


Build in: