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Stadionul Orăşenesc

The stadium of Călăraşi is located close to an old park, opposite of the former open-air discotheque. From the central bus station, follow the Strada T. Ciorba and turn right at Strada Bojole to find the park. Ask for Casa de Cultură to find the way easily. Nowadays the stadium is not used anymore by a club. From 1992 till 2002 F.C. Codru Călăraşi (later F.C. ULIM Chişinău) used the stadium.   

Stadionul Orăşenesc

Strada Bojole 

4401 Călăraşi, Raionul Călăraşi

5.000 (281)

not in use 


4715'8.77"N 2819'19.07"E

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