F.C. Olimpia Bălţi

F.C. Olimpia Bălţi was founded in 1963 under the name of F.C. Stroitel Bălţi. Until the independence of Moldova the team changed its name several times. 1984, the team was called F.C. Zarea Bălţi. This is also the foundation date that you found in their emblem till 1992. But then the team changed their club colours to yellow-black and the name to Olimpia. Until 2001 Olimpia played in the Divizia Naţională but as they end the season as the lastin the table, Olimpia was relegated into second division and stayed there for the next 5 years. 2006 they received promotion even if they were on the 3rd place in the table. But as Zimbru and Sheriffs farm teams are not allowed to play in Divizia Naţională, Olimpia fount the way back to the first division.

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Stadionul Orăşenesc

Fotbal Club Olimpia Bălţi

Strada Kiev, nr. 115

3100 Bălţi, Raionul Bălţi

+373 (23) 120 314

+373 (23) 120 314






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With 176,000 inhabitants, Bălţi is the most northern large city. It is an industrial- and university town and is named with pleasure as a "Capital of the North " by their inhabitants. In the Stadionul Orăşenesc (Municipal'nyj Stadion), which lies north-east of the city centre, F.C. Olimpia Bălţi has its home. From the coach railway station itīs just a five minutes walk to eastern direction to recognise the floodlights of the stadium behind the first buildings. It is an athletics stadium with two stands which was built in 1955 for 7,000 spectators. The unroofed main stand is interrupted in the middle for the place of a small VIP's stand which has a small roof. The remaining seats, also the blue and white seat bowls on the opposite of the pitch, are unroofed.

Former Club Names:

1963-1965          F.C. Stroitel Bălţi 

1965                    Dissolution

1967-1968          F.C. Codri Bălţi

1968-1969          F.C. Stroiindustria

1969-1984          F.C. Piscevik Bălţi

1984-1991           F.C. Zarea Bălţi

Since 1991          F.C. Olimpia Bălţi



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Stadionul Orăşenesc

Strada Kiev, nr. 115 

3100 Bălţi, Raionul Bălţi

5.953 (5.553)



47°45'58.28"N 27°55'59.48"E

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